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Monday, May 11, 2009

New York Style!!

Hello, everyone!! I recently had the awesome opportunity to spend the weekend with my son in New York. It was his 16th birthday and turned out to be a wonderful place to celebrate! I love NY!!

Prior to our trip, I posted a question regarding protective styles because I wanted an easy style for the weekend. Well, here are a few pictures of what I ended up with. It's a sew-in weave that I actually did myself (although far from professional!). It held up pretty good, though, for an amateur! LOL!! I liked it so much in fact that I re-installed it 2 weeks later (after a henna treatment and an intense deep conditioning treatment with the Ashlii Amala). My hair felt so soft I almost hated covering it back up! But this new style has helped me with the hand-in-hair syndrome I seem to have picked up! Now it's growing like a weed!! I keep it moisturized with both the Khorem Hair Serum and the Shikakai Hair Growth oil, both of which I apply daily. I can't wait to see the mad growth when I take it down in 3 more weeks!!

This is my son & I in NY on the subway. We were coming back from China Town...you know what that means! Shopping galore!!
This picture was taken 2 weeks later when I re-installed. Looks exactly the same! I'm a happy camper! :-)
All in all my experience with sew-in weaves has been enjoyable. I have had no breakage and it appears to be doing what I hoped it would do....protect!

In perfect peace!

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  1. I like it. It looks like your natural hair in the picture in one of your other post.