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Monday, March 16, 2009

CocoLatte Moisture Mask

It is so important to know your body type (or "dosha", as termed in Ayurveda) in order to know which AfroVeda products are right for you. Why, you ask? Because we make products that are specific to YOU, not your hair type or hair texture. Packed with our own Ayurvedic Herbal Complex containing herbs known for their hair growth properties, oils to soothe the dry/itchy/flaky scalp, and botanicals to nourish hungry strands, AfroVeda products are the perfect addition to any healthy hair regimen.

For example, our CocoLatte Moisture Mask (perfect for Pitta doshas) has an abundance of moisture packed in! No parabens, sulfates or glycol in these products! No siree!!

It's so great at increasing the hair's moisture level that we've named it "Product of the Month"! Why not try some for yourself? Your hair will LOVE you for it!!


  1. CocoLatte is DA TRUTH!I've been using AfroVeda for about 4 or 5 months and have not been disappointed. These products are packed full of yummy, hair-friendly ingredients. My favorites are the CocoLatte, Twisted Almond-Ginger, Shikakai Elixir, & Hibiscus Hair Infusion. PLUS customer service is ALWAYS excellent! Great job Mala!

  2. I completely agree that the CocoLatte Moisture Mask is the truth. I've been using this moisturizer as well as the other products for about 3 months so far and my hair is softened. The CocoLatte in particular has boosted my moisture level. Even though my hair has not reached complete moisture level, it is slowly retaining moisture with the aid of CocoLatte. Thanks so much Mala. You and your service are stellar.

  3. I got it :)
    maybe i should have done the test first....

  4. I just bought this I couldn't resist after reading the good reviews on here and a few I found on hair forums I can't wait to use it

  5. I have a question? Does the cocolatte also smell like coffee (hence "latte") or strictly chocolate? Also, could you describe the smell of the shea-alma to me? I've never smelt frankinscence or myrhh and I don't want to regret the purchase I am currently contemplating. Lastly, does the curl define elongate 4a-b hair?