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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Note From AfroVeda (Order Status Update)

A HUGE "Thank You" goes out to everyone who ordered during the Black Friday weekend sale. I know you are anxiously awaiting your products, and I am literally working around the clock to get them to you. I have added a temporary assistant to help with shipping the 350+ orders that came through our doors. However, we are still experiencing delays in shipping by several days. All of the orders from Nov. 26 and about half of those from Nov. 27 are now shipped. The remaining orders will have the following schedule:

All of Nov. 27th orders shipped no later than Dec. 14
Nov. 28th orders = Dec. 15
Nov. 29th orders = Dec. 16
Nov. 30-Dec. 3 orders = Dec. 17
Dec. 4-6 orders = Dec. 18
Dec. 7-9 orders = Dec. 22

All orders received after Dec. 9 may experience a 1-day delay in shipping times, which is currently 7-10 days.

Beginning January 2010, AfroVeda will have three permanent staff members to assist with shipping, email inquiries, sales & promotions, events and other customer service duties that will make your shopping experience much better. We will also add a "Local Pick-Up" option for those in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex (distribution center renovation is almost complete!).

I personally appreciate all of you for your generous display of patience and support. AfroVeda has experienced some growing pains during 2009, and you have been there with open arms and words of encouragement to help me get through those tough moments. As the only employee at AfroVeda, there were many rough moments when working 18-21 hour days weren't even enough to keep up. But because of customers like you, I am encouraged and look forward to all of the wonderful things that are in store for the new year.

I wish each of you a very happy, safe and wonderful holiday season!

In perfect peace,
Mala Rhodes


  1. I am a customer for life! I am so happy that you were able to add some employees to aid in the business. Wonderful!

  2. I also love your product, but for the last few weeks I have been trying to order the shampoo bars and the link on your site is not working for that product. I just wanted you to be aware...

  3. Hello Mala,

    I am new to Afroveda and I really like your products. What is the turn around time on your emails concerning an order?

  4. Hi, I ordered products on Nov. 27 and have still not received my order or shipping notification. I emailed you last week and have yet to receive a reply. Could you please advise me of the status of my order and when I can expect shipment? Thanks - cocoapebble@aol.com

  5. I ordered products on December 3, 2009. I did not received an email notification on December 17th not have I received it to date. I have sent you a couple emails and have not received any reponse. Your return policy is 30 days from date of purchase and it's been 20. Can you please have someone contact me.

  6. I ordered products on December 1,2009. I have sent you a few emails, and received the response above. I'm still waiting for notification that they have been sent out, I have even left a message. Please advise the status.

  7. i ordered products on december 4,2009 and today is december 24,2009 and i'm still waiting im gettin discouraged

  8. I ordered products during the weekend after Thanksgiving. I have written several times. Finally, I see that the mail has been shipped through the Texas facility and am waiting to receive it. I am also interested in your return policy as I have not tried your products before. Please update your shipping information and let people know that your orders take a very long time to come in. Please extend your return time period. And please somewhere note that you do not answer inquiries about orders in a timely fashion.

  9. Charlie's AngelDecember 27, 2009 at 1:13 PM

    I have to say, in MALA's, defense to "Anonymous", that & maybe some others have absolutely no clue of what it is like to have a business & be the SOLE employee. That means 1 person. A fairly new business, which many know is hard work and usually starts off with JUST the owner, must be very stressful. Also, she did state there was well over 350+ orders during that last sale. Can you imagine, being 1 person trying fill all those orders & getting them out quickly. Fresh MADE PRODUCTS might I add. You might say get help, but teaching some1 else your ropes in a short amt of time can very well prolong the stituation even more. Now, I would suggest maybe closing down the site like some others do to catch up on sale orders. Other than this case, MALA has always been good about returning emails either w/in minutes or no more than a couple of days. Trust me, I understand the frustration or anxiety of waiting & can't get a response. Since 1st ordering her products in 8/09, I have made a total of 5 orders to date & recvd them all fairly quickly, but this last one took the longest & I too, did not get a reply. But before, I got harsh & ugly about it, I had to imagine being in her shoes. & besides I love her products & she has been very nice to me & extra special w/ my orders when I did have an issue. You all may say, "so what, & what that has to do with me. I just want my products". But guess what...discouraging comments won't get them to you any faster. MALA, I hope your business continues to grow. It's great to see WOMEN who are ambitious & carry out there dreams. You live & learn, & I hope the new employees you hire next year work out well for you. Your customer from Beaumont.

  10. @Charlie's Angel:

    There is nothing "harsh&ugly" or "discouraging" about anything anyone has written. They are simply asking for some form of communication. The product is only half of the business. Customer service is the rest.

  11. I order on the 14th and received my shipping confirmation today......Yaaaaay!

  12. Obviously the point is being missed that Charlie's Angel made. & besides, it seemed like they only directed it to the "anonymous" comment above theirs, but at the same time trying to make a general point. When you are one person trying to fill all those orders & do your own customer service like Mala does, it may be hard. I too have ordered from her before & this is out of the ordinary. I DISAGREE of the comment that Mala needs to "note that she does not answer inquiries about orders in an timely fashion" like stated above. If I had to guess, THIS WAS THE ONLY STATEMENT that seemed harsh to me as well, or I would say, 'RUDE' everone else seemed to simply be inquiring without added comments. Maybe you have not ordered from her before. She is normally really good about handling her own customer service. I think this time may have gotten overwhelming. I think it's hard to answer over 300 emails & complete orders for those same customers. I see the point. Maybe some don't, don't care or don't understand. So to the 2nd to last anonymous...maybe you are missing the point as well & being overwhelmed with orders doesn't mean BAD BUSINESS...That means GOD is blessing her. It's all in how you look at it. Everybody just be patient! Let this woman do her thang!

  13. Hello third anonymous one lol. I did not miss Charlie's Angel's point. I was commenting on the overly dramatic text in Charlie's Angel's comment. And I am not knocking Afroveda at all. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing business with this company. Currently I am waiting on my second order. I understand completely the work that goes with owning a business. It's hard work. That's why when I order online I am willing to wait.

    And I think it's a little dramatic to say that it doesn't mean BAD BUSINESS (which I never accused Afroveda of), but that God is blessing her. He indeed is, but that isn't the same thing. Besides, she has already stated that she is adding three staff member which should help her business flow even better. And even if she didn't, I must say that the previous order I made was received quicker than orders I have placed from companies that I know have a larger staff. I think you read too much into my comment. You would be guessing incorrectly because there was nothing rude about it.

  14. OK, whatever....if you say so. I just got my order!...Yaaaaay!

  15. I am the one who wrote December 26th's message. I decided to try the products since I received them after I could return them. They are wonderful. Especially the Shea and Amla and Totally Twisted products. Actually AMAZING. I will try to order again because of the good products. I'm sure the customer scervice has gotten better.

  16. I've just recently started using the products and I must say they are wonderful. I knew in advance that I would have to wait for my order, but I didn't care. After seeing and reading all of the good reviews, I didn't care about the wait. The wait was well worth it. The products work wonders on my hair.

    Blessings, to you Ms. Marla!

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