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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First or Last? Clearing Up Label Confusion

I recently posted a response to someone's inquiry regarding the order in which ingredients appear in AfroVeda products. Although I know and understand the importance of listing ingredients in the order that they appear in the product (heck, I look at labels, too!), I had to admit that I had not taken the time to ensure that they were listed that way on the website or on the individual product labels.

My exact comment "I have not yet mastered the skill of listing products in the order of decreasing amount" may have been misunderstood to mean that AfroVeda did not provide full disclosure of all ingredients in its products. That is not the case. The ingredients listed are exactly what is in the product, and now will be listed (along with their Latin names) in decreasing order on both the website and labels. Amazingly enough, the way that I had them listed really wasn't too far off the mark (its great to have a chemist handy!). INCI compliance takes a bit more time and research, but I feel it is worth it to have AfroVeda's customers fully aware of what they are purchasing.

I just wanted to post a quick note for those concerned. As the sole employee at AfroVeda, sometimes things get past me, and researching Latin names for ingredients was one of those things. There is a silver lining in all things, though, if you take the time to look. I want to say "THANK YOU!" to all of you for your comments because it ultimately translates to the betterment of AfroVeda and allows me to align this growing company with a higher standard of information. And as AfroVeda grows in knowledge, understanding and wisdom, the full benefit of that growth will be felt by it's customers.

Thank you, again, for all your support!

In perfect peace,


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