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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Protective Hair Styles - What's Your Favorite?

Hello, chicas!!

I'm headed to the Big Apple in a few days for my son's 16th birthday bash (what a treat!!) and it seriously had me thinking about my hair. I've been au naturale for 9 years now and normally wear my twist-outs, but considering all the activities we're bound to get into, I found myself *drawn* to protective styling. I certainly don't want to spend all my time getting my 'do' right, so I have to decide on a style that will be SUPA-DUPA FLY and maintenance-free. What do you suggest? I will have to do this transformation myself (no time for a salon appointment...plus I wanna save my money for all the fun in NYC!!). I've checked out a few youtube videos on hair weaves, but WOW! Not sure I can pull that one off by myself. How exactly do you cornrow your own hair in a circle, BTW? I've done half-wigs before (the $20 synthetic kind), but they look really 'wig-y' after I've slept on it.

Here's how I normally wear my hair (it's an old pic, but my hair still looks the same). As much as I love this style, it can be a bit time consuming to recreate (takes me about an hour & a half to do the two-strand twists).

Anyhoo....I welcome your suggestions and any how-to advice you can give! :-) And I'll be sure to post a pic of my final decision.

Chat at cha lata!

Peace & blessings,


  1. an easy style for me is cornrows in front or flat twists and then two strand twists.
    Most of the time I just wear my hair out.
    Have fun at your son birthday!

  2. I like doing buns since there simple and can last almost the whole week or whenever your wash day is. KinkyCoils did a good tutorial on a cute bun style.